Welcome CSC Instructors

On this page you will find resources for CSC instructors including forms that can be downloaded, important announcements, etc.

A resource for instructors is the AHA Instructor Network.

2010 Guidelines Update

Check out the following websites for info on the changes:



Additional information is also available on the ahainstructornetwork website.  The rollout plan is also available at this site.  What I currently know is that all instructors will need to take a 2010 guidelines transition program on the aha instructor network website.  If you are not registered there please register there. As of March 1, 2011 the 2010 guidelines will need to be taught. Download new paperwork below.

New BLS materials should be available late April or early May according to the AHA.

AHA BLS Instructor renewal procedure

  1. Teach 4 AHA BLS classes every 2 years before instructor card expires.
  2. Be monitored by a member of the Training Center Faculty once every 2 years before instructor card expires. This can be at one of your classes or at a CSC class.
  3. Provide CSC with a new provider card every 2 years. This can be completed at a monitoring session for the cost of card processing.

CSC will provide an email in November or December for instructors that expire between January and June of the following year. In May or June an email will be provided for instructors that expire between July and December of that year.


ASHI Instructor renewal procedure

  1. Teach 2 ASHI classes every 2 years before instructor card expires
  2. Pay renewal fee

CSC will provide a renewal notice 2 months before the instuctor card expires.


Download Area

First Aid In-House Schedule

CPR In-House Schedule - AHA

CPR In-House Schedule - ASHI

Course Request/Equipment/Supplies Release

Instructor Check List

First Aid Class Record Sheet- ASHI

CPR Class Record Sheet - ASHI

CPR Skills Evaluation Sheet - ASHI

Course Evaluation Form - ASHI

Course Completion Speed Letter - AHA

download Heartsaver Paperwork - AHA
download Health Care Provider Paperwork - AHA



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