Industrial First Aid Team Training


Most Industrial First Aid Teams renew their first aid credentials once every three years, but what education takes place in between those years?  Usually not much, if any at all!  Have your team's skills become rusty?  Well, we have the answer.  Community Safety Consultants is proud to present our First Aid Team Continuing Education Program.

Given monthly, or as needed, your team will practice their skills using the equipment you have on hand.  Students will learn, practice and have fun as hands on practice is always emphasized.

Attention Groups and Corporations: Please contact us for discounted prices and scheduling of classes.


Topics for Continuing Education can Include:
You can choose from one of these or one of your own!

Priced at $100.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours per session

Become one of the many organizations that have taken advantage of courses tailored to your needs.

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Training you to be your best during the worst!