EMT Refresher Programs (Formerly Core 13)

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Are you tired of the same old EMT CEU classes?   "Well, we have a program with a New Perspective!”

For over 30 years, CSC has been dedicated to bringing you the best in Pre-hospital Life Support Education.  We understand the ever-changing face of EMS , our Instructors have experience ranging from EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors.

This course meets the NJ DOH EMT Refresher requirements and contains the new national standard which will be discussed and practiced in this program: A - airway 8 ceu's 8 hours, B - Medical 8 ceu's 8 hours, C - Trauma 8 ceu's 8 hours.



Putting it all together practice scenarios:


  •     Every EMT wants more practice with lung sounds, therefore in your Patient Assessment station you will listen to lung sounds on our specialized lung auscultation manikins.


  •      No matter how long you’ve been an EMT, everyone could always use some practice on taking vital signs. Now you can practice on our new manikins which exhibit vital signs.


  •     Get more Airway Management practice by inserting Oral and Nasal Airways using our Airway Manikins.  Paramedics intubate patients, and then turn airway care over to you.  Now you can learn how to effectively ventilate and manage an intubated patient, and keep that tube secured! You will also learn how to assist with CPAP, Auto Vents, and Nebulizers. 
  •      And more!!!
  • Prerequiste's: Bring a stethescope and watch with you for all classes.


EMT Refresher Schedule 2014
24 Refresher CEUs; $185

You must attend all scheduled days to get credit for all 24 CEUs.



Program Type


9/18, 19


7p - 11p

8:30a - 5p

A,B,C Gordons Corner FD/Englishtown Manalapan FA

10/9, 10


7p - 11p

8:30a - 5p

A,B,C Kenilworth FAS


10/18, 19

7p - 11p

8a - 6p

A,B,C North Arlington


Call the CSC office to register (732-548-4269)


To schedule an EMT Refresher class at your location contact the CSC office at (732) 548-4269.