Emergency Medical Responder

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Our courses emphasize hands on training. Discounts for groups over 11 are available. All prices include books and certification cards.

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)   old Certified First Responder (CFR)

Duration: 32 hours   
2 year certification
This course is designed for emergency / industrial response teams, Police and Fire departments, athletic trainers, and anyone who may be called upon to treat the sick or injured.  This new program teaches students the Knowledge Skills and Confidence they need to care for victims of sudden illness or injury. The program meets and exceeds the 1995 US Department of Transportation (DOT) National First Responder and the current NFPA Curricula. The course is designed to meet the needs of Police and Fire Departments.  If you figure on a per student hour basis, our competitive price comes out to approximately $5 dollars an hour.  This makes it cost efficient for most organizations.

Emergency Medical Responder Renewal   Duration: 17 - 20 hours 

2 year certification
This 17 to 20 hour course refreshes the skills of the Basic First Responder Program.  Practical scenarios and extensive hands on training will be emphasized.

Emergency Medical Responder Instructor   Duration: Variable
This course will enable a member of your staff to teach the CFR program. Instructor Candidates must hold a current CPR and/or First Aid Instructor Card, and in addition be ONE of the following:
EMT (any level)
Mobile Intensive Care Nurse

Emergency Medical Responder $275.00
Emergency Medical Responder Renewal
Emergency Medical Responder Instructor


You must attend all sessions to get certified.




December 13,14,15,20, 2017

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